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Quarterly reportingq42017 2

Quarterly Partnership Reporting Q4 2017

Martin Roerholt
The fourth and last quarterly partnership report for 2017 is now ready! Get brand-new performance numbers from MatchOffice and get to know more about best-practice workflow for MatchOffice partners.
Martin Roerholt

The new one-pager makes it easy for all our partners to find information about how to get the most out of the partnership and also keep updated on some of the key performance indicators for MatchOffice.

Martin Roerholt, Global Relationship Manager, is to comment on the performance report for 4th and last quarter in 2017:

"Looking back at the last three months, we have not generating as much traffic as we would prefer. The number are however further affected by the holiday season. Fourth quarter can only be thought of as a disappointing quarter for a lot of our markets and something we take very seriously in turning around. On the positive side, we have completed the implementation our new back- and frontend on our websites which is a good foundation for a growing year in traffic and leads for our many beloved partners. We will spend the first part of 2018 on putting a lot of effort into the kind feedback we receive about how to improve our new platform and to communicate with partners how to get the best value out of our partnership."

Please find the report with the latest numbers below. Remember also the useful information about how to have a succesfull cooperation with MatchOffice.

Click here to access the report for 4th quarter 2017.

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