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Coworking is a new trend, particularly popular with start-ups, freelancers and the self-employed. Coworking spaces offer you up-to-date office equipment, full flexibility and the opportunity to make valuable personal and business contacts. As we cooperate with a wide variety of coworking spaces in Singapore, we are sure that MatchOffice will help find the right option for you.

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MatchOffice has many years of experience with coworking spaces and can always help to find you the most attractive option. We have a wide variety of commercial lease offers in Singapore on our site. We can, therefore, assure you that you will receive comprehensive daily real estate listings, including details of coworking spaces.

Are you looking for a flexible office solution and appreciate a lively atmosphere? Then a coworking space is just the right choice for you. Coworking offers a variety of different solutions and services, including open office spaces, enclosed or private work zones, meeting rooms, reliable and fast wi-fi, etc. Due to the open layout and collaborative and stimulating working environment, you can quickly make new contacts and network with other like-minded professionals. The coworking concept offers a high degree of flexibility and is extremely cost-effective.

On MatchOffice we will help you find a perfect solution that meets your exact criteria.

Benefits of coworking


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The coworking concept is becoming increasingly popular, especially with freelancers and start-ups. Instead of working from home or sitting alone in a noisy cafe, you can get in contact with other people in a coworking space, expand your professional network and benefit from social interaction, having all the necessary office resources at your fingertips.

Work flexibly and save money

For freelancers and other entrepreneurs, coworking spaces offer flexible solutions at an affordable price. When renting coworking space, there is usually no deposit to be paid and the rental prices are generally very low. Another merit of coworking spaces is that no long-term contract is required and office space or a workplace can be rented for a very short period - even for a few hours. Many coworking spaces also provide flexible 24/7 access for their members, with dedicated or non-dedicated desk space, etc. Due to the variety of office space solutions and high flexibility, coworking meets practically any need.

Be part of the atmosphere that nurtures creativity and inspiration

For many companies, freelancers and individual entrepreneurs, coworking spaces offer the opportunity to work productively outside their own four walls. An extra bonus is the connection to other companies and freelancers. Social interaction and networking with like-minded professionals from other industries foster both creativity and productivity. This unique atmosphere of camaraderie can be ideal for start-ups. Furthermore, different events can often be held in coworking spaces: lectures, workshops, and, of course, informal fun parties, where people can share their ideas and experience, motivate and inspire each other.

Enjoy up-to-date equipment and flexible terms

One of the obvious advantages that coworking spaces offer is the access to modern office equipment. In addition to the variety of workplace solutions, you can rent conference and meeting rooms on an hourly or daily basis, which is extremely convenient and cost-effective. High-speed internet access and a wide range of office facilities and services contribute to focused and effective work. There can also be cozy cafes and lounges for creative breaks in coworking space, where you can rest and talk over a cup of coffee and also boost productivity. Some coworking spaces provide a special service for frequent travellers: you can pay rent in one city but use other coworking spaces of the network in other cities or even abroad. For long-term clients, a postal address for incoming and outcoming mail can often be provided.