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Quarterly reportingq12018

Quarterly Partnership Reporting Q1 2018

Martin Roerholt
2018 is well on its way and its time to have a look at 1st quarter of 2018. Get brand-new performance numbers from MatchOffice and get to know more about best-practice workflow for MatchOffice partners.
Martin Roerholt


Our one-page report makes it easy for all our partners to find information about how to get the most out of the partnership and also keep updated on some of the key performance indicators for MatchOffice.

Click here to access the report for 1st quarter 2018.


Martin Roerholt, Global Relationship Manager, is to comment on the performance report on the beginning of 2018:

"After a hectic autumn with decreasing performance, all at MatchOffice was looking forward to a fresh start in January which historically always been one of our busiest months traffic-wise. And this year was no exception. With the number of visitors reaching almost 120,000 and 3,400 orders placed we were very satisfied with the beginning of 2018. After January the level of leads reached a more natural state, but our expectations are that the number of visitors and the number of leads will slowly increase over the coming months. We continue to improve our sites to fit the users’ behavior the best and to promote the providers who delivers the best value to our platform. We will continue spending the first part of 2018 on putting maximum effort into the kind feedback we receive about how to improve our new platform and to communicate with partners how to get the best value out of our partnership. We kindly thank you for all your feedback!"


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