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Increasing demands for flexibility turn serviced offices into coworking spaces

Steen Uno
Serviced offices and the new concept of coworking spaces are increasingly assimilating into the same overall market product - one of many noteworthy conclusions at Europe´s largest coworking conference, Coworking Europe 2017 i Dublin.
Steen Uno

Steen Uno

Less than a year ago, the industry of flexible workspaces was still very much divided between serviced offices contra the new upcoming concept of coworking spaces.

Now the two popular concepts are assimilating into the same industry, which disseminates flexible jobs in individual offices or in open offices with other companies," Jakob Dalhoff, CEO at, states.

In November, he attended the largest European industry conference Coworking Europe 2017 in Dublin, co-sponsored by MatchOffice.

Here, 425 dedicated coworking clients and users from 40 countries discussed how the new global office work trend and culture is currently developing.

Tremendous growth

"Due to the increasing demands for flexibility, financial savings, excellent design, social communities and networking, the industry of serviced offices and coworking spaces is growing globally.

All over the business world, in all major cities, the industry is launching new exciting coworking spaces every month," Jakob Dalhoff says.



At the Coworking Europe 2017 in Dublin the current developments of new global
office work trend and culture were
vibrantly discussed.


"Many landlords of coworking spaces are constantly looking for brand new ways to increase value for their clients. Services and actions adding value to them will continue to maintain relevance and indispensability.

It could be via new intelligent software, increased focus on meaningful connections and functional work areas, which would be able to extend the coworking clients' life cycles - and ultimately their leases."


At the Coworking Europe 2017 conference in Dublin,it was vibrantly discussed and debated how the industry is affected by being definitely recognized and the traditional commercial real estate industry now ialso entering the coworking scene.

"The conference participants expressed their strong beliefs that the many benefits of the coworking concept soon will be adopted by the traditional office rental industry and other very big market players," Jakob Dalhoff adds.



"Currently established serviced offices and new modern, trendy coworking spaces
are increasingly assimilating into the same overall market product," Jakob Dalhoff
(in the middle), CEO at, states.


At the Dublin conference, several other current tendencies were observed - one of them signalizing that still more corporate businesses seem to be planning and opening coworking spaces themselves.

Another highlight of the conference days was the presentation of a global survey by the German platform, which earlier this autumn published a comprehensive coworking report with  many interesting points.

The Coworking Europe 2018 conference will take place in November at a venue still to be announced.


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