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Suntec city is a major multi-use center at the South of Singapore in the Downtown Core district, which is a historical part of the city and known for being the most significant commercial development in Singapore. Its construction started in 1992 and finished five years later, in 1997. Suntec city is a complex of buildings for different purposes. There are five towers and one main building, so it looks like a palm with fingers (four of them includes 45 floors and one - 18 floors) and has more than 700 thousands of meters of office space. In the middle of the palm is the so-called Fountain of Wealth, which is a well-known landmark among tourists and locals, and as the largest fountain in the world. Legend has it that it will make your dreams about wealth and money come true. There is also a show when people can watch the dance of the fountain from the upper floors. At the Suntec city, you may find everything - from the shopping area and food court at the Suntec City Mall as in any other usual mall, to embassies and trade offices of different countries. There is also a wing dedicated to the various exhibitions and performing arts.

District core

The business core of the Suntec City is not a centre. It is more of a periphery since most offices are located in the towers. The Suntec City boasts very modern buildings comparing to the city landscape, so, the design of offices will also be mostly in contemporary style. But nowadays a lot of companies, when are looking for an office to rent, are choosing a modern, comfortable and functional style more and more often. It is essential to find an office that will not only be comfortable for employers but also employees. The right atmosphere that is created in the workspaces will make the workers motivated, focused and productive. It is essential to find an open space office or with divided rooms, according to the needs of your company. Also to see the decoration and colors that will be cozy and calming or bright and activating according to the workers everyday tasks. You can find an environment that will match your preferences on our website.


It is very convenient that a lot of bus lines start or, at least, pass here so you can also get everywhere in Singapore with public transport. It is also easy to get to the Singapore city centre (it is even pretty close to walk there) or Singapore airport from the area. As for workers with their car - there is big separate parking for workers of the Suntec City. It is also convenient that after work employees can stay almost next to their offices and find leisure options that will interest them like different exhibitions, movie theatre, video games, shopping and variety of restaurants and cafes.

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