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Business centers in Marina bay - cost-effective luxury

Having office suite in Marina Bay district in Singapore is an advantage. It is the demonstration of the financial success of the company to your partners, investors, and clients. All of that affects the reputation and works as a trust-factor.

While demand on offices in Marina Bay district heavily increases, it’s becoming even more prestigious to be located exactly here. As latest reports show, it’s always worthy to invest into brand reputation in different ways.

Moreover, the Marina Bay district provides excellent service for everyone who lives and works here. Multi-level parking areas, big parks, rooftop green areas, and smart transportation system make working in this district not just efficient, but also very comfortable both for the business owner and for the whole team.

Public transportation in Singapore - how to get home from the office in Marina Bay

Since Marina Bay district is almost the city center, there are numerous ways to get to other locations in Singapore. There are LRT and MRT stations in this area. LRT - is something like S-Bahn or tram in Europe, while MRT is more like U-Bahn or metro.

Furthermore, Singapore has got a well-developed bus transportation infrastructure. Buses operate 24/7, being fully adapted to the needs of passengers. You can pay with card or smartphone, buy a monthly ticket for a much lower fare, regulate the power of the A/C inside the bus and see the timetable of arriving at the station you need long before you enter the bus.

How to start a business in Singapore

Business regulations in Singapore are a bit tighter than in the US. Nevertheless, the economy of Singapore keeps growing for already half of the century. Singapore has one of the most stable and transparent political and economic systems in the world. All you need to register the business is to fill the application form on the governmental website. The taxes are low, and you can pay them online as well.

Choosing the business center in Singapore can become more challenging than doing the business. Rental of office spaces is quite expensive due to the high cost of the land. We in MatchOffice have prepared for you several options. Check them right now and select the business center which perfectly meets all your requirements!

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